Dec 11, 2013

Big Gigantic – Touch The Sky

Big Gigantic’s got a crazy new tune out, packed full of jazzy sounds from their signature saxophone-electro meld.  The duo even threw in some dubstep lasers in there to complete the groove-packed jam.

Big Gigantic Facebook


  • I really miss this place…

    • Yeah what happened? Where’d they go?

  • Good question, I used to visit this site at least once a week to hear great artists.

  • Sad. Used to visit 2-3 times a week when it was active. As the frequency dropped off i used to stop by once a week :(

  • What happened! I need this site back. common guys!

  • I miss this place too !!…

  • VibeAddict, come back ! :)

  • Hey everyone, Since Vibe Addict is down I recommend my second option for music thats as good if not better than Vibe Addict! go check it out

  • Anyone know any other website like this one? That one^^^^ is all hip hop

  • is just a tumblr account, but I follow it. Also

  • This place used to be amazing and i’ll miss it but you guys can check out because there’s a link to tons of other blogs. Sadly none as good as vibeaddict :(

  • This place used to have the best music of all the sites i go on

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