Aug 22, 2014

We’ve Moved!

We’ve had a great run here at Vibe Addict but we’re now Strawberry Dream. Focused on deeper tunes and deeper vibes. Check out the newer site

Dec 11, 2013

Big Gigantic – Touch The Sky

Big Gigantic’s got a crazy new tune out, packed full of jazzy sounds from their signature saxophone-electro meld.  The duo even threw in some dubstep lasers in there to complete the groove-packed jam.

Big Gigantic Facebook

Dec 6, 2013

The Colourist – Fix This (The Chainsmokers Remix)

NYC based duo The Chainsmokers have a knack for catchy progressive remixes.  This will likely be one of those cases where the remix turns out to be more popular than the original.

The Chainsmokers SoundCloud

Dec 3, 2013

Doctor P – Shishkabob

We got a brand new track from dubstep virtuoso Doctor P today.  If you’ve been a fan of Doctor P’s work  in the past (see Tetris, Big Boss), you’re in for a treat today.  It’s got that playful feel leading up to an incredible drop that so many of his tracks have.

Doctor P SoundCloud | Facebook

Nov 28, 2013

Galantis – Smile (Original Mix)

Smile is a superb single that was recently released by Swedish duo, Galantis, which actually consists of Miike Snow member Christian Karlsson and his friend Linus Eklow. The lyrics in the intro are quite beautiful and are what drew me to this song originally.


Nov 28, 2013

Pusha T – Sweet Serenade (Maarius Remix)

Unique remix of a rap track. So smooth and the sounds are balanced perfectly, letting the laid back groove do it’s thing.

Maarius SoundCloud | Maarius Facebook


Nov 28, 2013

Calvin Harris & Alesso ft. Hurts – Under Control (Music Video)

Check out this end-of-the-world music video for Under Control.

Nov 27, 2013

Linkin Park & Steve Aoki – A Light That Never Comes (Vicetone Remix)

Are you a Linkin Park, Steve Aoki AND Vicetone fan? Then you’ll probably enjoy this track!